What do club membership fees include?
Your annual membership covers different training opportunities. See the complete list of benefits here.  

Can I try a training session before joining the club?
Yes, you can. Simply contact the registrar about attending a session. Please note that you must have a current, valid triBC membership to train with the club. We therefore ask that you obtain a membership before attending a trial session.

What type of training “schedule” does the club adhere to?
The schedule is flexible depending on what you want to attend. There are several opportunities to train throughout the week:

  • Coached swim sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays at UBC (September through May)
  • Swim sessions with the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association on Mondays and Thursdays (Kits Beach, June through August)
  • Spin classes on Thursdays at Wholey Fit (Fall, Winter and Spring)
  • Track sessions on Tuesdays (year round)
  • Group rides on Saturdays (Mid-March to Mid-June)

Do I have to attend all the training sessions?
There is no expectation as to how many, or how few, sessions members attend. Rather, PSTC provides opportunities for training and networking with other athletes. You can chose to attend what best suits your interests, schedule and goals.

Does the club train year round?
Yes. With the exception of a few weeks over Christmas, there opportunities to train all year, rain or shine. 

When do group rides start up and end?
This is weather dependent. We usually begin rides in late winter or early spring and end at the beginning of the summer, when race season begins. Many of our members continue to meet to ride together Saturday mornings when official rides end.

Are fenders mandatory for group rides?
Yes, you must have front and back fenders to attend the group rides. They can be removed as soon as the weather starts improving. Your group leader will provide you with more instructions.  

For how much of the year do track sessions run?
Although we take a short break at the end of December through to the end of January, track otherwise runs year round.

Will I have a Coach?
Our swim sessions, track sessions and spin sessions all are coached. We do not, however, provide members with personalized coaching sessions or training plans. We do have some members who choose to seek personal coaching outside the club and then use the opportunities provided by the club to train where it fits their schedule and to connect with other triathletes.

Why do I need a triBC membership and where do I get it?
We require our members to have a triBC membership if they wish to train with us for insurance reasons. Moreover, triBC memberships provides you with a number of other benefits, including the opportunity to receive information and updates of interest to triathletes. Membership also exempts you from additional insurance fees when registering for triathlons in BC. You can get more information on what membership includes and sign up for a triBC membership at http://www.tribc.org/membership-information. Please note that triBC membership must be renewed annually.