Carol Peters Award

Founded in 1996, Pacific Spirit is one of the oldest Triathlon clubs in the country and  our core values are the very grass roots of our sport.
Triathlon is all bout giving it the best of you and racing alongside other athletes and not necessarily against them. however, this doesn't mean that you can't be competitive...

No one represent those elements better than our very own Carol Peters.

Carol is the most enthusiastic, generous and inclusive triathlete you could think about. She is numerous time world champion in her age group but won't tell you that when you talk to her, she will instead comment on how strong or fast or improved you are. That's our Carol, always making other people feel very special. The teams she forms with her husband Neil is also representative of their embodiment of our sport, Racing a rely Ironman on the very day of their 40th wedding anniversary, it doesn't get any better than this.
Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club announces the creation of the Carol Peters award. Carol Peters will be the very first person to receive the award and then this award will be given every year to a club member who has contributed to the sport in a very special way...while competing or otherwise. 

Our club's board of directors will determine the recipient of the award.

Past Winners

2020  - Marie-Josee Jasmin



2019  - Michael Carson

           - David Harrison



2018  - Les Pereira



2017  - Keith Iwasaki



2016  - Carol Peters