Board of Directors

Board of Directors

October 1, 2018

The Club is run by eight elected Directors who volunteer their time to develop and manage our programs and the Club overall. Directors are elected for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting each fall.

The 2018-2019 directors are:

    • President:  Allison Laidlaw

      Growing up in the shadows of Ironman Canada in West Kelowna, and the daughter of a 10 time Ironman, Ali spent most of her childhood swimming, biking, and running, although rarely putting it together for a race. In 2013, Ali moved to Vancouver and took up road cycling, and in 2014, completed her first Olympic distance triathlon as part of a one month bet against one of her younger brothers. That fall she decided she would sign up and train for Ironman Canada in Whistler. In 2015, Ali completed Ironman Canada despite the terrible weather that year. Following Ironman Ali set her sights on improving her running and joined PSTC in 2016. Ali was a member of the winning PSTC relay at the Ironman 5i50 race in Coal Harbour in July 2016. By December 2016, Ali had improved her half-marathon time by 13 minutes and completed her first marathon in Sacramento.

    • Secretary:  Kevin Eck

      After finishing his basketball career at Queen's University, Kevin was looking for an outlet that didn't require 10 people and a gym for exercise. He watched a friend compete in Kona and signed up and finished his first Ironman in Canada in 2003. He also competed in Florida, Arizona and Louisville. He has been a PSTC member for many years and enjoys giving back to triathlon through helping others enjoy this great sport.

    • Treasurer:  Marie-Josée Jasmin

      Marie-Josée, otherwise known as MJ, started competing in triathlons in 2012. She was highly encouraged to join the sport by watching family and friends compete. After swimming lessons and the purchase of a road bike, she decided to sign up for her first triathlon and immediately loved the sport. She joined PSTC in 2012 with the goal of improving her swimming and quickly discovered the wide array of services and activities the Club has to offer. She completed many sprint and olympic distances.

    • Registrar:  Christine Barr

      Christine grew up playing fastpitch softball in the small town of Trail, BC, eventually going on to play shortstop for Simon Fraser University. After graduating, she bought her first grown up bike, 9 months before embarking on a 2 month, self-supported, 6700km cross-Canada cycling trip. This led to the natural transition from softball to triathlon and, a month later, she completed the Olympic distance triathlon at Cultus Lake in Sept 2010. Having done all of three training swims (ever), and not owning (or understanding the benefits of) a wetsuit, she was nearly the last one out of the water; but certainly made up for it on the bike. Eight years later and thanks to the amazing community provided by tri clubs, she is a five time Ironman. Christine is always looking for the next big challenge and is a little worried about where that might lead.

    • Swim Director:  Melanie Van Eyk

      Melanie Van Eyk is a preschool teacher who loves to hike, bike, backpack, paddle, run, swim, camp, and relax after it all with her husband and dog. She decided to train for her first triathlon in 2009 to impress a guy, but ended up falling in love with the sport (and the guy). Since then, Melanie has competed in 7 sprints, 5 olympics, 1 aqua bike, and proudly completed the Victoria 70.3 this past June. She loves to be on her bike and one of her favourite memories is cycling from Vancouver to Vernon in the summer of 2014. Melanie loves triathlons because they reveal your strength, capabilities, and ability to surprise yourself when you put in the time and effort. She is grateful for the comradery found Pacific Spirit's track group and Monday night swims and the challenging workouts provided by the clubs coaches.

    • Bike Director:  Joel Hernandez

      Joel is an enthusiastic triathlete who enjoys a balance of the three sports. He was involved in different sports while growing up in Mexico, such as; soccer, volleyball, running, scuba diving and squash. In 2012 Joel discovered the sport of Triathlon and immediately became hooked. Since then, he has accomplished all Triathlon distances and actively engages in regular training. Joel is still learning about the sport and enjoys the social component of the Triathlon community. In addition, he's made numerous lasting friendships through the sport and is looking forward to continuing to do so and to enable others to connect and share this experience.

    • Run Director: Jenna Nicholson

      Jenna moved from New Brunswick to BC in 2006 and spent the first four years enjoying mountain life in Whistler.  She made the move to Vancouver in 2010, bought a road bike and ran her first half marathon in 2011.  The following year she ran her first full marathon and joined PSTC to refresh her swimming skills.  Jenna loves the variety of training for a triathlon and has completed several marathons such as New York & Chicago, local fondos & an amazing ride through the Pyrenees.  She completed the Whistler Half Ironman in 2017, which was her first triathlon and she hopes to complete a full Ironman in the near future!  Her favourite way to get a quick sweat on is a weekly Grouse Grind or BCMC.   

    • Social Director:  Jessica Ansari

      Jessica was always intrigued by the sport of triathlon and in university, decided to try her hand at a sprint triathlon to keep in shape. She quickly became hooked on the feeling you get when you cross a finish line. Eight years later she has completed 17 triathlons and multiple running races of various distances. She joined PSTC while looking for a community of like-minded athletes to train with and so that she would have a group of people with whom she could talk triathlon endlessly without boring them to tears. Her proudest triathlon accomplishments include completing Ironman Canada in 2016 and 2017.